Welcome to the Camp Arrowhead Task Force blog! The task force will be posting regular updates here about the process of writing a business plan and fundraising to keep Camp Arrowhead for the Girl Scouts of Columbia River Council. You may see reports from task force and committee meetings here, as well as other news.

How You Can Help

Currently, the work of the Task Force has been divided up into various committees. Anyone who would like to help with any of these committees (especially if you have special skills or experience in these areas) can contact us at gsarrowhead@yahoo.com.

Risk Management Committee

Short-Term Goals: Water system assessment; geo-tech survey to determine safety; road safety assessment; evaluate camp for other safety / risk management issues; evaluate fire safety: wildland, structures, evacuation

Long-term goals: Water system repair / replacement; road repairs; long-term risk management planning; long-term fire safety planning.

Property Committee:

Short-term goals: facility analysis; facility maintenance (immediate needs); facility upgrades (immediate needs); weatherization; ADA (immediate needs); Timber management / logging as a revenue source; facility management – making property available for rentals in 2008.

Long-term goals: facility maintenance (ongoing); facility upgrade (future); ADA (future upgrades); ongoing timber management; facility management – rental fees and policies; agency partnerships (outside GS)

Program Committee:

Short-term goals: Usage / program possibilities in 2008

Long-term goals: programming to increase usage; girl planning (in-town camper council); resident camp committee; beyond GSCRC (GSUSA / our new council, outside GS)

Business Plan:

Short-term goals: Covering short term operational costs; covering auction / transaction costsLong-term goals: Planning a sustainable budget, including operational costs, program costs, capital costs, and revenue sources; Planning for ACA accreditation; Reviewing (with property committee) rental fees and policies.


Short-term goals: Information dispersal between task group members and committees; communicating with membership, volunteers, parents / guardians and other interested supporters; developing clear and consistent messages.


Short-term goals: Fundraising training; coordinate with existing council fundraising; short-term revenue generation for operating costs / auction costs; contact and connect with alumnae and lifetime members who are not currently involved in Girl Scouting.

Long-term goals: Long-term fundraising plan for continuing operation of camp, capital costs, etc.


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