Arrowhead Moving Day

The following message is brought to you by Eileen Skidmore, chair of the newly formed Arrowhead Stewardship Committee.  If you can help, please email her directly at

Hi, everyone,

Well, we have the first call for people to help get Camp Arrowhead
back up and running. Lots of stuff was moved from camp last fall and
stored at other Girl Scout Council sites. We need to get it all back
up to camp.

To that end, we are having a Moving Day on Sat., April 5th. We want
to meet at 3 different sites and pick up stuff and then drive it up
to camp. Here is what we need:

At Homestead, on Mt. Hood, we need a truck and a trailer (or 2
trucks) and 4 people to pick up tents, tepees and misc. tools and
take to camp and unload.

At the Council Office, we have a van and a trailer, and a truck but
we need 2 or 3 more people to help load, and drive up to camp and

At Mountaindale, we have a suburban and a trailer, and a truck, but
need 2 or 3 more people to help load, and drive up to camp and unload.

If you can help that day, please e-mail Eileen Skidmore at by Tuesday, 4/1, and say which site you could be at.
Obviously the biggest need is the trucks at Homestead, as well as the
bodies for loading and unloading.

There will also we a work weekend April 19 and possibly the 20th, but
the Stewardship Committee still has to work out details. Stay tuned
for more info next week on the Work Weekend.

For now, moving is the priority.

Thanks, and let me know,



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