Pictures from Arrowhead Work Day

Okay — I can NOT get the photos to upload to this blog, unfortunately (WordPress has changed the way they do this, and it’s not playing nicely with any of the computers I use).  However, I have uploaded the photos to Flickr, and you can view them there:


Work Day Gets Camp Ready to Go

The first group rental of the season at Camp Arrowhead is scheduled for May 2-4, and camp is now ready, thanks to a hardy group of 28 volunteers who pitched in on April 19.

According to Stewardship Committee Chair Eileen Skidmore, “Camp has not been heavily used since Spring a year ago. And yet, after a year of virtually non use, we managed to clean all 4 Units, 42 cabins and other small buildings, put out 188 mattresses, put up 7 platform tents, attempt to put up some tepees, build 2 brand new fire circles, and rebuild at least 6 other fire circles ….and get 3/4th of the new picnic tables built.”

And all this in the midst of snow and hail!

I will have some pictures up very soon — WordPress has changed the way they upload pictures and other files, and I was having a little trouble making it work with my Mac.  The pictures will be up as soon as I can transfer them to my PC

Resident Camp Brochure now available/Camp Director job posted

The resident camp brochure and job descriptions for Camp Director and other positions are now posted on the council website!  Registration for summer resident camp is now open, with placement beginning April 25 (I know, that’s right away).  So, get your registrations in quickly to reserve the spot you want!

You can also make Arrowhead site reservations for spring or fall now.  You can download and print a site reservation form on the website; you can also contact Deepa Kadkade at (503) 977-6800 to find out if the weekend you want is available.

NEW — Arrowhead Work Day April 19th

The Stewardship Committee has set up a Work Day, Saturday, April 19, 2008, starting at 9 am, to prepare the camp for the first group to rent the camp in early May.
This is an adult only day (unless there are an older girl who want to help with a parent). This is not a Troop work party.
The help needed is quite specific and listed below:
  • Build 18 picnic tables that have the wood all precut: 8 people who know how to build.
  • Bring DC power drills for assembly.
  • Put up 7 platform tents in Cheesiah – 8 people – would love some who have done it before, if poss., but not necessary
  • Put up 4 tepees in TePee – 4 people – would love some who have done it before, if poss., but not necessary
  • Rebuild fire circle at Main Fire Circle, check all fire circles for completeness – 3 people
  • Clean all buildings and then distribute mattresses to cabins/tents – 10 people
Bring extra brooms, dust pans and cleaning rags for swabbing counters, sinks, etc.
Plan on arriving at camp at 9 am. Bring a sack lunch. No food will be provided (there is no budget)
If some adults want to spend the night, they need to let us know ahead of time and provide all their own food, and clean up before they leave Sunday morning. No work is planned for Sunday.
Please RSVP with what your skill/desired work duty is. We want to know ahead of time who is coming and what they are planning on doing.
RSVP to Eileen at by April 15th.