Work Day Gets Camp Ready to Go

The first group rental of the season at Camp Arrowhead is scheduled for May 2-4, and camp is now ready, thanks to a hardy group of 28 volunteers who pitched in on April 19.

According to Stewardship Committee Chair Eileen Skidmore, “Camp has not been heavily used since Spring a year ago. And yet, after a year of virtually non use, we managed to clean all 4 Units, 42 cabins and other small buildings, put out 188 mattresses, put up 7 platform tents, attempt to put up some tepees, build 2 brand new fire circles, and rebuild at least 6 other fire circles ….and get 3/4th of the new picnic tables built.”

And all this in the midst of snow and hail!

I will have some pictures up very soon — WordPress has changed the way they upload pictures and other files, and I was having a little trouble making it work with my Mac.  The pictures will be up as soon as I can transfer them to my PC


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