Please, encourage everyone you know (girls age 7-17 and parents/guardians) to register for Camp Arrowhead as soon as possible.  We are at the point where we need to decide if sessions will be cut due to low enrollment.  We need your support!  Below is a message from resident camp committee chairperson Kari Rothi.

Camper registrations have been sluggish and we could really
use an all-out effort from everyone to encourage people to
sign up for camp. The sooner the better, as we are going to
have to start cancelling sessions soon. So if you or
someone you know are considering camp this summer, get your
registrations in ASAP. Along those some lines… if we do
cancel sessions, that will open up space for troops to do
some troop camping this summer, like we had last summer.
So, if the regular sessions aren’t working for you,
consider troop camping 🙂

We’d also like to encourage people to recruit a friend to
come to camp with them. Remember that GS camp is for
everyone, not just current members. A registered camper can
get $5 off the price of her own registration for every girl
she recruits to come to camp. Recruit 5 friends and save
$25! Recruit your whole troop and save even more!! The $5
off coupons are available on the council website. Click on
the Camp Arrowhead announcement from the homepage to get to
the CAMP page, then look for the pink rectangle.

Life is Good…
Kari Rothi


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