Registration Updates — Additional Troop Camping, Sals and Pals

From Resident Camp Committee Chair Kari Rothi:

Changes to Camp Arrowhead summer schedule
Help us spread the word to the girls in your troops and VISTAs

Unfortunately, 3rd Session has been cancelled due to low enrollment.
We are doing our best to accomodate the few girls who were interested
in third session with their 2nd or 3rd choice options. If you
registered your child online and were not able to record a 2nd or 3rd
choice option, please contact the council office to make your wishes
known. Council staff will also be attempting to contact parents
regardingn their wishes. Third session campers who cannot be
accomodated will have their registration deposit refunded.

Another SALS & PALS session Added!
We’ve heard from a number of leaders and parents that they would be
interested in attending a Sals & Pals session, but that they can only
make that work on a weekend. So to try and accomodate as many people
as possible, we are opening up another Sals & Pals session for the
weekend of August 8-10. You can come up to camp after work on Friday
and be home by mid-afternoon on Sunday. As with the previously
scheduled Sals & Pals session, the cost will be $110 for each
adult/girl pair.

If the girls in your troop would like to experience Camp Arrowhead,
but are either unable to come during the sessions scheduled or feel
nervous about coming as individual campers, then troop camping may be
the way to go this summer. The Camp Committee has decided to open up
unused resident camp space for troop camping. Troops can now choose
the exact dates and duration of their stay, while still taking
advantage of all the program options and meal service available to
our regular resident camp campers. Troops need to provide their own
transportation and enough adults to meet Safetywise girl:adult
supervision ratios. Cost is $30 per person, per night. When your
troop gets to camp, the leader will work with the program director to
schedule what your girls want to do while they are at camp. If your
troop wants to cookout, that’s okay too. Food that is commonly
available at camp (including supplies for s’mores) can be ordered
from the kitchen. You can also request assistance from camp staff
members for leadership during the cookout. Specialty items will need
to be brought with you. If you have any questions or concerns,
contact either Leah Kalish ( or Tanya
Tulloch ( at the council office.

You can also email me with any questions!
Kari Rothi
Resident Camp Committee Chair


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