Fundraising Committee 1/7/08

Camp Arrowhead Fundraising Committee


The current fundraising total is around $14,000.

Rayelle presented a proposal for the auction, including suggested timelines and committees to be established.  She and Cricket would like to have committee chairs in place for a meeting by the end of January.  They estimate that the auction could bring in $10,000 to $20,000.  Would include both silent auction and oral auction items.

The Committee decided to plan an auction for October (Juliette Low’s birthday), rather than trying to carry it out immediately.    Linda to chair WillCall/computer support; Melanie and Ellie to chair setup/decorations.  Will ask Eileen about chairing procurement.  Will put word out that other people are needed to chair committees.

Sweet Tomatoes fundraiser is set up and publicity has begun.  Will try for a Chevy’s fundraiser night in mid-March, with flyers handed out during cookie booth sales.

Flyers will go out shortly for troops to make pledges toward Camp Arrowhead from their cookie sales.

For the business plan, we need to deterimine:  how will we continue to support the camp w/fundraising?   What do we do well/not do well already?

Long term ideas – donor wall/plaques at camp; continuing to support the family giving phonathon.

We will try to contact people who made donations before the October board meeting to ask them to remove the restrictions on their donations so that they can be counted toward our current fundraising total.

Next meeting 1/14 6 p.m.  Will discuss the information needed for the business plan.  Meetings will be weekly at least through January.




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