Task Force Minutes 1/19/08

Camp Arrowhead Task Force

January 19, 2008

Meeting Minutes

Camp experts from GSUSA will be meeting with Task Force members on February 20 and attending the Board of Directors meeting on February 21.

The board of directors will hear the Task Force’s presentation and take a vote on Camp Arrowhead at the February 21 board meeting (4:30 p.m. at the council office).  The Task Force will have its business plan and supporting materials ready by February 7, and will put it on CD-ROM in PDF format to be sent to the board members for review.

Property Committee

The committees’ final summary of needed repairs and improvements totals $670,000, including short, medium, and long-term items.

Barry Sims will be attending the February 21 board meeting to answer questions about timber thinning and sales.

We have not gotten a construction estimate from Deacon yet (for comparison with the Fortis bid), and may not get that estimate before the board meeting.

We are working with the Risk Management committee on the fire alarm system issues.

Risk Management Committee

We are awaiting final reports from Bob Fuller of CH2M Hill on the water system, and from the geotech advisers on the fatal flaw analysis.

Bob Fuller will attend the board meeting to answer questions about the water system.

A group of Geology students from PSU will be beginning their study of the property on January 27.  Their report will be available in March.  They will determine the boundaries of the landslide area and check the swimming pool site more thoroughly to confirm that it is safe to rebuild the pool in the current location.

We have talked with the county fire marshal, but they can’t do a formal fire safety inspection unless the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers that were removed from camp (due to theft issues) are put back in place.  This probably won’t happen until after the board vote.

Fundraising Committee

We have raised over $20,000 in unrestricted funds.  An additional $5,000 donation is contingent upon the board’s vote.

We will come up with a “thermometer” showing the donations that have come in and our goal.

The Sweet Tomatoes fundraiser is still being publicized, and is being held January 28-31.

Program Committee

We have completed our SWOT diagram and long and short term goals for the business plan.

We are brainstorming resident camp programs for various age levels, and will be looking to older girl troops for input.

We are also looking at year-round programming, including VISTA camppouts, family campouts, and Brownie/Daisy programs.

We will be ready with a Resident Camp 2008 plan and brochure by the date of the February board meeting.

Business Plan Committee

We are working on the benchmarking matrix which compares the characteristics of various NW camps.  Because this includes confidential financial information, the matrix will only be available to board members and selected task force members.

We will be meeting with the Treasurer of the board of directors and the finance committee to go over the financial aspects of the business plan prior to the board meeting.

The committee is exploring the formation of a Friends of Camp Arrowhead/Camp Arrowhead Alumni association to assist with ongoing fundraising and volunteer recruitment for Camp Arrowhead.

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