Task Force Minutes 12-15-07

Property Committee

Has had no meeting except online discussions since last Task Force meeting.

We have found a structural engineer and are planning to have him evaluate building beams before January 7.

The committee’s consensus is to accept the PoolWorld estimate for planning purposes, rather than trying to get another bid at this time.

Full winterization of buildings and cabins is off the table for planning purposes at this time, but some task force members would like this issue addressed at some point.

Two power poles need to be installed in camp – wires in these areas are currently attached to live trees, and need to be moved. The committee needs council staff (Richard) to find out whether the local P.U.D. would be willing to install the poles and move wires from trees to poles at no charge (council would purchase the poles).

Committee members and council staff are still working on talking with the Forest Service or other organizations about selling a conservation easement.

Fundraising Committee

Next meeting is Monday December 17th, 6:00 p.m.

The committee is working with Heather Law on a campaign to ask troops to donate part of their cookie profits to Camp Arrowhead. We are also looking into possible restaurant and skating fundraisers.

We will be following up with supporters, reminding them to write fundraising letters.

Anyone who writes fundraising letters should put CAC and their last name on the outside of the donation envelope, so that we can track where donations came from.

Program Committee

About 150 survey responses from GirlFest have been tabulated. There were no negative responses about keeping Arrowhead. The survey has also been put online through SurveyMonkey; the online survey will be publicized through our letter to the membership.

Camp capacity for VISTA use has been calculated at 611 people, including tent campers. Committee will check with the fire marshal about whether it is OK to have that many people on the property at once.

We are looking at advertising costs in Parks and Rec papers and the summer camp guide. ACA accreditation would be very helpful in advertising.

The committee is working on preliminary mission statements for a resident camp committee, Arrowhead property committee, in-town camper council, and fundraising committee.

Also thinking about the following questions/ideas:

  • What programs can we offer that will get girls to come to Arrowhead instead of another camp?
  • How can we align resident camp program with national program goals
  • collecting old camp brochures for information purposes
  • 60th birthday party for camp in 2008
  • hosting a Destination and/or international troops
  • “No Child Left Inside” initiative

Risk Management Committee

CH2M Hill will be doing a potable water assessment at Arrowhead for $1. This will happen between Christmas and New Year’s.

According to council staff, the Arrowhead water system has been approved for another year of operation by the Skamania County Health Department. However, they did say that we really need a thorough schematic of the water pipe system on file.

Geology techs were doing a fatal flaw analysis onsite December 15 and will give a preliminary assessment of the site. Graduate students will also be doing a geotechnical survey in January, with a thorough report to be available in March.

Civil roads and parking lots have been inspected by an engineer. The main roads are passable, although they do need gravel, and the parking lots are in good shape. The engineer recommended repair of the existing guardrail rather than replacement, although council staff also has a bid for installing post and cable guardrails.

The committee still needs to contact the county Fire Marshal about an assessment of the alarm system and any recommendations they might have for a contractor who could assess and/or fix it.

Communications Committee

Reminder: Committee Chairs should forward a copy of any meeting minutes to the Communications Chair for distribution.

The letter to the membership is ready for distribution; we will try to have council staff email it to add legitimacy.

We will look into making an announcement about Arrowhead on AM Northwest and/or getting a segment on the show.

We have made contact with a conservation organization in the Gorge called World Steward, which may be able to help in our efforts.

We will be contacting local bloggers, newspapers and newsletters to help get the word out about Arrowhead.

We will also make preliminary contact with Oregonian staff about doing an insert about Girl Scouts.

Business Plan Committee

The committee is continuing to work on benchmarking (comparisons with other resident camps in the area).

We will need a 1-2 paragraph summary of short and long term recommendations and plans from each committee

We will use SWOT diagrams (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to present information to the board.

Next meeting: January 5, 2008, 9:00 a.m.

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