Task Force Minutes 12/1/07

Camp Arrowhead Task Force

Meeting Minutes Summary
December 1, 2007
Fundraising Committee
We are currently asking volunteers to write and send personal fundraising letters, and to hold personal fundraising house parties.

Template/sample letters will be available on the Camp Arrowhead blog at https://gsarrowhead.wordpress.com.

The committee will also develop and post a uniform house party invitation.

Anyone sending letters or holding a house party should email Shannon Evers (shannonevers@juliette.org), fund development director for the council, with a list of people or businesses you plan to write to or invite.  She will check to make sure these people have not already been asked for a donation.

Risk Management Committee
Several groups of technical experts have been up to visit camp; their first reports are expected by mid-December.  These experts are evaluating the water system and geotechnical issues.  An expert is still needed to evaluate the fire alarm system.

Communications Committee
A brochure detailing the needs of Camp Arrowhead is being finalized, and will be available as a PDF for use with fundraising letters or at events.

Specific tasks for which we need volunteers will be posted on the task force blog at https://gsarrowhead.wordpress.com.

A single, central email address will be established for contacting the task force.  Facilitators will forward messages to the appropriate committee chair.

We will be connecting with previous media contacts with updates, and developing a focused media plan for the camp.

Property Committee
The committee has obtained two reports on timber sales, including estimates on how much timber could be removed from the property yearly, and how much money we might realize annually from timber sales.  Both are proposals for sustainable harvest, not aggressive logging.

Committee members are also investigating the possibility of re-negotiating the council’s easement with the Forest Service in exchange for cash.

The committee is looking for a construction company to evaluate repairs needed and costs of repairs, for comparison with the existing bid on file.  They are also looking for a structural engineer to evaluate the condition of support beams in the buildings.

Program Committee
The committee is doing benchmarking with other Pacific Northwest camps, comparing usage rates, session schedules, programs, fees, expenses,, etc.

Business Plan Committee
The committee presented requests for information they need from the various committees, along with timelines.  Final committee reports are due by January 19, 2008.

Next Meeting:  December 15, 2007, 9:00 a.m. at the council office.

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