Task Force November 17, 2007

Camp Arrowhead Task Group
Meeting Minutes Summary 11/17/07
Affirmation:  The board, staff and volunteers are working hand in hand to keep Camp Arrowhead with the Girl Scouts of Columbia River Council.

Fundraising Committee  

  • Our immediate goal is $150,000 for operating costs and costs of withdrawal from auction..
  • Long term goals will be determined based on recommendations from the property committee and risk management committee.
  • Immediate concern is the Family Giving Phone-a-thon on December 6 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the council office. Volunteers are urgently needed. A letter is being sent out regarding Family Giving, which will also ask for donations for Camp Arrowhead. The Phone-a-thon will be for both Family Giving and for Camp Arrowhead.

Program Committee

  • The program committee was to hold its first meeting on the afternoon of 11/17, and had no report.
  • The program committee will coordinate an Arrowhead booth at GirlFest on December 1, to include a survey and a donation opportunity as well as program activities.

Property Committee

  • The committee visited Arrowhead and made an extensive evaluation of the condition of the property, as well as evaluating the repair estimates currently on file.
  • Will be identifying experts who can confirm our estimates on repairs
  • Will hold followup meetings to discuss key topics, such as timber sales

Communications Committee

  • Presented a communications plan for keeping people informated about Camp Arrowhead.
  • Will broadcast information about the email announcement list as widely as possible
  • Will be starting a task force blog as one avenue of communication.

Risk Management Committee

  • Is working with technical experts to assess landslide issues, fire hazards, the water system, and other possible risk issues.

Business Plan Committee

  • Has begun work on a long-term strategic plan for the camp as well as a business plan.
  • Information and plans developed by other committees will feed into the Business Plan committee for incorporation into the business plan.

Next Meeting:  December 1, 2007 9:00 a.m. in second floor conference room at Girl Scout Center

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