Task Force, November 3, 2007

Camp Arrowhead Task Group
November 3, 2007 – Minutes Summary

Rules of Engagement
The group agreed on the following “rules of engagement” for the work of the Task Group:
–    1st: What is best for girls?
–    2nd: What is best for Camp Arrowhead?
–    3rd: Be considerate and think of how others will react before we speak (paraphrased).
–    4th: Timeline: we have to come back with our business plan and a plan for covering short-term and long-term costs by Feb 7th (2 weeks before the Feb board meeting).
o    In the short term, we need approximately $50,000 to cover basic operating costs from January to May 2008, plus $33,000 to cover auction costs incurred.
o    In the long term, we will need to plan for additional operating costs while Arrowhead is undergoing repairs, future operating costs while camp is actually in operation, and funding for the actual repairs

Task Group and Sub-Committees:

Task Group:  The task group will consist of the chairs of each committee plus the assigned board members (Ara Serjoie, Elaine Teague, Ellen Steel and Ellen Rensklev) with Cynthia Hamilton (CEO) as the chair. The meetings will be open to the membership.

Committees: Permanent chairs will be selected at the first meeting of each committee.  Any member interested is serving on a particular committee is encouraged to contact the Chair or Council staff.  A final list of committee chairs and their contact information will be posted on the council website.

Risk Management Committee
Interim Chair: Terry Morse
Short-Term Goals: Water system assessment; geo-tech survey to determine safety; road safety assessment; evaluate camp for other safety / risk management issues; evaluate fire safety: wildland, structures, evacuation
Long-term goals: Water system repair / replacement; road repairs; long-term risk management planning; long-term fire safety planning.

Property Committee:
Interim Chair: Kari Rothi
Short-term goals: facility analysis; facility maintenance (immediate needs); facility upgrades (immediate needs); weatherization; ADA (immediate needs); Timber management / logging as a revenue source; facility management – making property available for rentals in 2008.
Long-term goals: facility maintenance (ongoing); facility upgrade (future); ADA (future upgrades); ongoing timber management; facility management – rental fees and policies; agency partnerships (outside GS)

Program Committee:
Contact:  Kathleen McDade
Short-term goals: Usage / program possibilities in 2008
Long-term goals: programming to increase usage; girl planning (in-town camper council); resident camp committee; beyond GSCRC (GSUSA / our new council, outside GS)

Business Plan:
Interim Chair: Erin Moomey
Short-term goals: Covering short term operational costs; covering auction / transaction costs
Long-term goals: Planning a sustainable budget, including operational costs, program costs, capital costs, and revenue sources; Planning for ACA accreditation; Reviewing (with property committee) rental fees and policies.

Interim Chair: Kathleen McDade
Short-term goals: Information dispersal between task group members and committees; communicating with membership, volunteers, parents / guardians and other interested supporters; developing clear and consistent messages.

Interim Chair: Shari Roessner
Short-term goals: Fundraising training; coordinate with existing council fundraising; short-term revenue generation for operating costs / auction costs; contact and connect with alumnae and lifetime members who are not currently involved in Girl Scouting.
Long-term goals: Long-term fundraising plan for continuing operation of camp, capital costs, etc.

Task Group and committee meeting minutes will be posted on the council website.   Committee chair contact information will also be posted on the council website.

Methods of communication
Meeting minutes will be posted on the council website.  Information can be communicated to VISTA chairs, with a request to pass the information along to volunteers and families in the VISTA.

Committees will be responsible for their own internal communications.

Future Task Force Meetings:

These will occur @ 9:00am every other Saturday (almost) at the Council Office. The dates for the meetings are:

November: 17th
December: 1st; 15th. There is NO MEETING on the 29th due to the holidays.
January: 5th; 19th
February: 2nd.

Committees will schedule their own meetings as needed.

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